Special thanks to everyone that came out to Spring Fest 2015.  It was a positive experience for everyone and so many great musicians poured their souls out delivering amazing performances!  The guys I always use for my production company helped capture the magic, having multi cameras, multi-track audio (synched to video) and edited live via the Sony HD switcher and operated by Nine Time Emmy Award Winning Composer Mr. Wes Boatman.  Some of the videos are below but we suggest viewing many more via the Landman Media & Photo Youtube Channel.   There are performances of Fox Valley Harvest, Kool Keith featuring Blue Whiskey (Chuck Land sits in on Hammond Organ), Kayla Maye (15 year old talented singer/guitarist), Sean Carney, and many more to come soon!

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By the way, thank you to everyone's outpouring of love after the passing of my extended family member Bailey.   I have never loved a dog like him and it was a blessing having him in my family for 10 years.   R.I.P Bailey Land!

Sean Carney performing at Spring Fest 2015 for the Chuck Land Show. Here's the prior Episode on American Roots original band Hickory Robot!

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